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Turistička zajednica Sisačko-moslavačke županije


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Ethnological Collections


Sučić Family Ethnological Collection, Čigoč no 34

This collection grew out of the traditional items preserved by the family, augmented with gifts and purchases. Today it contains about 400 different objects related to the life of the people and the manner in which the population of this part of Posavina made their living at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The collection contains different old-fashioned forms of ceramic and wooden vessels, tools for woodworking, implements for tilling the soil, aids for transportation, fishing tools and so on. The examples of textile handicrafts are of particular value; they include the costumes, bed linen and towels decorated with the very elaborate Posavina embroidery. Visitors have the chance to purchase embroidered handicrafts, for the handloom is still in operation.

Etnološka zbirka obitelji Sučić

The collection, owned by Jagoda and Zlatko Sučić, is entered onto the Roll of the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Please give notice of group visits on tel. 044 715-184.


The Ravlić Family Ethnological Collection, Mužilovčica no 72

This collection stands out for the degree of preservation of the ethnographic items of household inventory, apparel, tools and a number of other products of the popular handicrafts of Posavina, a separate unit being constituted by the bell collection. Farm buildings are located alongside the house: a pig sty, hen run, byre with hayloft, well and outside kitchen. The buildings are constructed of oak, picturesquely shaped and decorated on the front façade. The farmyard carries on into an orchard, with indigenous species of apple, pear, plum and walnut, in which there is also a children’s playground. Another component part is the vegetable garden, in which produce is grown organically, from home produced seed and with natural manure. Visitors have the opportunity to try out traditional fare and beverages, as well as to take a boat trip along the meander of the Sava in Mužilovčica.

Etnološka zbirka obitelji Sučić

The Collection is owned by Zlata and Jakša Ravlić and is entered on the Roll of the Culture Heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Please give notice of group visits on tel. 044 710-151.


The Palaić family Ethnological Collection, Krapje no. 48

In Krapje, Village of the Architectural Heritage, there is a fine ethnographic collection in the house and yard of the Palaić family. The collection comprises over 170 objects, mainly of cloth, wood and pottery. The ethnographic objects are the products either of folk handicrafts made by self-taught makers or of old crafts and trades. All of them are related to the life of the people and the way in which a family made its living in the settlement of Krapje. They are typical of the folk of Lonjsko Polje in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. To be seen in the ethnographic collection are age-old forms of furniture, traditional attire, accessories and aids in the weaving of textiles on the handloom. All of the objects have  their own distinct ethnographic and educational values, and as a whole make up holdings that present the way in which the typical family of Krapje lived, dressed and made its living, its knowledge and its skills. Most of the objects are located in a traditional two-storey house, particularly interesting for the original shape of traditional architecture in Posavina.

Etnološka zbirka obitelji Sučić

e-mail: info@sgpalaic.com

Please give notice of group visits on 091-566-4921 (cell).



Looking round ethnological collections is not included in the price of an entry ticket into the Nature Park. If you want to visit one of the collections mentioned above, the owner will charge a special entrance fee as follows:

Sučić Family Ethnological Collection, Čigoč no 34
• Individual adults: 10 kuna
• Individual children: 10 kuna
• Organised groups: 10 kuna per person

The Palaić family Ethnological Collection, Krapje no. 48
• Individual adults: 10 kuna
• Individual children: 5 kuna
• Organised groups (10 or more): 5 kuna per person