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Cultural heritage (tangible, intangible)

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Traditional architecture

The architectural heritage and dwelling places are a reflection of the indivisibility of mankind and nature, their needful coexistence, manifest in the traditional construction, made from the natural material of oak and acting as a reflection of the art of the local builders, and always fitted into the natural surroundings in the best possible way.  In the preserved older houses, the timber is hewn or adzed, while in modern constructions it is almost always sawn.  The walls are made of thick logs, and on top of them the ceiling and finally the roof structures are placed.  Although there are some single-storey houses, it is those with two storeys that are a reflection of the centuries-long development and of the adjustment of the skills of the builders to the manner of life and an area subjected to frequent floods.
The villages along the Sava are linear, with buildings lined up along the road, which in turn follows the course of the river.