The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

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Danube Park at a meeting in Lonjsko polje Nature Park
Krapje, Lonjsko polje, September 29 - October 1, 2013

Public Institution Nature Park as a partner in an international project DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 - "Strengthening the network of protected areas of the Danube River as a platform to protect the natural heritage of the Danube" was, from 29.09.-01.10. 2013th Year, hosted a working meeting for tourism, attended by over 30 representatives of 15 protected areas. After a research on the quality of service in the education of natural values ​​in May 2013th at the meeting are presented results of the field study, and discuss further guidance in improving the quality of services in the visitor.
Participants half-day study trip are representatives from Park and the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourist Board Sisak County met with the beginnings of the development of the visitor in the Nature Park, and the inclusion of cultural heritage and traditional wooden architecture in tourism. Meeting participants had the opportunity to live to see the restoration of wooden houses, as the receiving center of the park and one of the Board renewed the traditional object that is the purpose of tourism.
At the end of the representatives of the World Fund for Nature - WWF introduced the participants to the process of obtaining the Charter for Sustainable Tourism (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism) of the Europark Federation, which it joined in JUPPLP through the "Parks Dinaric Arc".