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Turistička zajednica Sisačko-moslavačke županije

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The white stork in Čigoč

The village of Čigoč is located on the right bank of the Sava River, along the Tišina oxbow. The noun tišina suggests this is a quiet and peaceful place; but in fact this is an area that is actually teeming with life.  It is surrounded by meadows and pastures, ponds and pools where the storks can find their young food (frogs, snakes, insects, snails, crustaceans and fish).  The appearance of the stork, one of the best known migratory birds in Europe, always draws the glances of the curious.  The adaptive features of the stork in its life together with people are visible in the construction of the nests, which are closely connected with human buildings.  Because of the large number of nests on the roofs of the wooden Posavina-style houses, in 1984 Čigoč was proclaimed the First European Stork Village.  Up to the time of the proclamation, scientific literature had never recorded such nesting success as in Čigoč – as many as 3.8 young per pair.